To rent - Te huur - Сдаётся в аренду - in Bilthoven - De Bilt
Office and warehouse - Kantoor met magazijn - Офис и склад
250 m2 - 5 km. from Center of Utrecht - 40 km. from Amsterdam - € 2.800, per month - near Head office of Rabobank
Tel. +31 30 228 56 56; e-mail:
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  Sunday, 25.06.2017
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Optica Forma International Cosmetic & Plastic surgery
Opticon Benelux Photo- & Optics
Optifill Benelux B.V. Machinery
Optima Graphic & Photo Products & Equipment
Optima International Security & Protection Systems
Oracle Nederland BV IT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
Orange Business Improvement Consultancy & Business Services
Orange Business Services Telecom
Orange Flower International Flower & Flower-bulbs
Orbit Trade Star International Export & Import
Orbus International BV Medical Equipment & Instruments
Oregon Scientific Benelux BV Measuring, Mixing & R&D Equipment
ORFE Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Organon Agencies bv Belarus Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Organon Agencies bv Russia Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Organon Agencies bv StP Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Organon Agencies bv Ukraine Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Organon Agencies bv Uzbekistan Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Organon N.V. Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Organon Nederland bv Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Organon NV Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Orion International Automation Services
Ortgraph Furniture & Wood Processing & Products
Osiris B.V. Offshore Engineering
OSM International Services BV Machinery Business Services
OSTA CARPETS N.V. Textiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
OSTAP BENDER The Russian Benelux
OSTAP BENDER The Russian Benelux
Ostra International Agribusiness
OT Lightsystems Benelux Medical Equipment & Instruments
OTOSAFE International, Safe wear
Ottevanger Machinefabrieken BV Granules, Powders & Particle Processing
Otto Bock Benelux BV Orthopaedic
Outdoor International Events & Party
OVOBEL N.V.VIP Egg producers & Egg processors
OWA Benelux BV Ceilings
OWT Services BV Chemical, Coating & Paint products
Oxyde Chemicals RV. Trading
OXYPLAST BELGIUM N.V. Chemical, Coating & Paint products
P & O Trans European (Nederland) B.V Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
P. Esman Handel in IJzer en Metalen Metal Processing & Distribution
P.A. Metal Work Metal Processing & Distribution
P.M. Precious Metal Metal Processing & Distribution
P.M.S. Plaisier Metal Support Metal Processing & Distribution
Packard Bell NEC Europa BV Computers
Packpartners International Trading
Padmashree International Furniture Textile
Paga International BV Plastics, Synthetics & Related Products
Page International BV; Michael Personnel Recruiting Agency & Services
Palmas International Trade BV; Las Export & Import
Pamox Benelux BV Sanitarian equipment
PANFLEX FLEXIBELE SLANGEN Cable sets, Flexible ducting & Hoses
Pantapasin International BV Personnel Recruiting Agency & Services
Pantum International BV Telecom
Paper & Pulp Logistic BV Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Paper Logistics BV Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Paper Partners BV Paper & Cardboard
Paper Projects Paper & Cardboard
Papicolor International BV Paper & Cardboard
PAQUES BV Waste & Water Treatment
Para International BV Furniture Textile
Paradise Cocktails Benelux Events & Party
Paramelt B.V. Chemical, Coating & Paint products
Parasol Imports Benelux Wind- & Sun-protection Equipment & Production
PARLEVLIET & VAN DER PLAS BV Fish, Seafood & Hunting products
Parquet International Trading Parquet floors
Parree Sevenum bv Metal Processing & Distribution
Parry International BV Hotels
Parucci Headquarter b.v. Hairdressing equipment & materials
Pas Reform B.V. Animal Husbandry
Pavatex Benelux BV Insulation Materials & Equipment
PC & E International BV Products Promotion
PCAR Cosmetics, Perfumery & Toiletries
PCS Industrial Voice Processing bv
PCT International BV Cool & Refrigerators Equipment
PDI - Physical Distribution International Internet Services & Development
Pebaco ITE B.V. Machinery
Pebaco Ukraine Machinery
Pebaco Ukraine Machinery
Peery International Trade & Services Cosmetics, Perfumery & Toiletries
Peeters Produkten BV Chocolate & Confection
Pegasus Russian Shops & Restaurants
Pegasus Russian Shops & Restaurants
PEHA HANDELSONDERNEMING SNEEK BV Souvenirs, Ornaments & Reclame items
PEJA EXPORT B.V. (Moscow) Agro Equipment & Machinery
Peja Export B.V. (StP) Agro Equipment & Machinery
Peja International BV Export & Import
Pelleting Technology Nederland Recycling & Feedmill industry
Pelleting Technology Nederland Recycling & Feedmill industry
Penske Logistics B.V. Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Pentax Benelux BV Photo- & Optics
Penthouse Nightclubs
Pepsico International Ink
Perfect B.V. Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Perfetti Van Melle - Russia Confectionery products
Perfetti Van Melle Benelux B.V. Confectionery products
Perfix International BV Bolt locking systems
Pergamano International Manual work
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