To rent - Te huur - - in Bilthoven - De Bilt
Office and warehouse - Kantoor met magazijn -
250 m2 - 5 km. from Center of Utrecht - 40 km. from Amsterdam - € 2.800, per month - near Head office of Rabobank
Tel. +31 30 228 56 56; e-mail:
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  Sunday, 25.06.2017
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Norit Proces Technologie Holding B.V. Moscow Chemical products
Norit Proces Technology Holding B.V Mechanical Equipment & Instruments
NOS Journaal TV News Information & Media
NOS Moskou bureau Information & Media
NOVAL STONES B.V.B.A. Industrial & Multi industrial Processing
Novartis Pharma B.V. Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Novascope B.V. Medical Equipment & Instruments
Novawall Benelux BV Ceilings
Novellini Benelux BV Sanitarian equipment
NOVEM NV Energy & Bio-energy
Novgorod Regional Administration The Russian Benelux
Novgorod Regional Administration The Russian Benelux
Novib - EFU Consultancy & Business Services
Novib - EFU Consultancy & Business Services
Novon Benelux High-altitude work
Novum B.V. Machinefabriek Boilers & Heating Systems
NP-SUPR Non-Governmental Organisations
NPM Capital N.V. Investment & Pension Funds
NRC Handelsblad Information & Media
NRCH Trade promotion
NRCH Trade promotion
NRF B.V. Heat Transfer
NRG Energy & Bio-energy
NSA Apparatenbouw bv Medical Equipment
NSA Metaalindustrie bv Aluminium, Precious, Ferro- & On-Ferro Metal constructions
NTC International BV Trading
NTT Energy Computer Components & Accessories
Nu-Air bv Ventilating & Airclearing
Nucletron B.V. Medical Equipment
Nucletron Russia & CIS Medical Equipment
Nucletron-Oldelft (CIS) Medical Equipment
Nuffic Semi-Governmental, Regional & Municipal Organisations
Numatic International BV
Numico NV Dairy Products & Consumption
Nunner B.V. Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Nunner International Expeditie B.V. Public transport & Rail infrastructure Services
Nuon Duurzame Energie NV Energy & Bio-energy
Nutreco Holding NV Animal Feeds
Nutri-West Benelux Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Nutricia Export B.V. Dairy Products & Consumption
Nutricia LLC Dairy Products & Consumption
Nutricia StP Dairy Products & Consumption
Nutricia Ukraine Representative Office Dairy Products & Consumption
Nutricia- Detskoje Pitanije Istra OAO Dairy Products & Consumption
Nutrifeed Veghel B.V. Animal Feeds
Nutrition for Well Being International Natural & reformed food
NWU Benelux BV Machinery trade
NYLOPLAST EUROPE BV Plastics, Synthetics & Related Products
VIP Fishing
O2h International BV Events & Party
OAC Europe BV Airlines, Airtransport & Cargo Services
OAK International BV Ink
OBSERVATOR Instrument BV Measuring, Mixing & R&D Equipment
OCE N.V. Copiers & Printers
OCE TECHNOLOGIES B.V. Copiers & Printers
OCE TECHNOLOGIES B.V. (Russia) Copiers & Printers
Ocean - Trans International BV Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Oceannet BV Shipping, Port & Marine Transport
Oceannet BV Shipping, Port & Marine Transport
ODP International Personnel Recruiting Agency & Services
ODS B.V. Metal Processing & Distribution
ODS B.V. Metal Processing & Distribution
Oenema Aanemers Transport en Containerbedrijf Furniture & Wood Processing & Products
OERLEMANS AGRO BV Fruit, Berries, Juice & Vegetable Products
Office Depot International Office & Shop Equipment & Materials
OFR B.V. Investment & Pension Funds
Oilpact International BV Oils & fats: industrial lubrication
Oiltanking Amsterdam B.V. Tanks
Oiltanking Amsterdam BV Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
Oiltanking Antwerp N.V. Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
Oiltanking Moscow Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
OK Trading International Souvenirs, Ornaments & Reclame items
Oldelft Benelux BV Medical Equipment & Instruments
OLEON N.V. Chemical, Coating & Paint products
Oliebron BV; De Greasing
Olimex BV. Machinery
Olorin B.V. Computer Components & Accessories
Olpha International BV
Olympia International BV Travelling & Tourism
OMA Construction & Building Architecture
Ommeren Shipping Agents Shipping & Expedition
Omni Whittington Emerging Markets BV Financial Services
Omnicol BV Chemical, Coating & Paint products
Omnilabo International BV Labware & Materials
OmniSTAR B.V.VIP IT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
OMV Gas GmbH Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
ONI Consult BV Interim management
ONRI Branch Organisations
Onursal International BV Safe wear
Oorlogsverzetsmuseum Cultural, Art & Painting organisations
Oost Europa Projecten; Stichting Governmental organisations
Oost-Europa Reizen Travelling & Tourism
OPCW The Russian Benelux
OPCW The Russian Benelux
Open Joint-Stock Company Energya OAOVIP Energy & Bio-energy
Open Text International BV Internet Services & Development
Opleiding Europese Studies Education
Opstal B.V. Machinery
Opti-Light International Explosive materials
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