To rent - Te huur - Сдаётся в аренду - in Bilthoven - De Bilt
Office and warehouse - Kantoor met magazijn - Офис и склад
250 m2 - 5 km. from Center of Utrecht - 40 km. from Amsterdam - € 2.800, per month - near Head office of Rabobank
Tel. +31 30 228 56 56; e-mail:
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  Sunday, 30.04.2017
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Baikal is the largest freshwater lake of Eurasia




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Fromatech Ingredients BV Aroma-, fragrant & flavouring components
FROMATECH KAZAHSTAN LTD Aroma-, fragrant & flavouring components
FROMATECH RUSSIA LTD Aroma-, fragrant & flavouring components
FROMATECH UKRAINE LTD Aroma-, fragrant & flavouring components
Frontline Video International BV
Fruit Consult International Agribusiness
FS-Systeem Benelux BV Shops Equipment & Installation
FugroVIP Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
Fugro Caspian B.V. (FCBVA) Geotechnical services
Fugro Engineering LLP Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
Fugro geoscience GmBH On-offshore
Fugro Geostatika Co. Ltd On-offshore
Fugro Holding N.V. Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
Fugro Ingenieursbureau B.V. On-offshore
Fugro Kazakhstan LLP Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
Fugro Russia Geotechnical services
Fugro Russia On-offshore
Fugro Survey Ltd. Caspian Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
Fugro-Azeri Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
Fugro-Geostatika Co Ltd (FGCL) Geotechnical services
Fugro-Inpark B.V. Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
Fugro-Jacques NSTC Geotechnical services
Fuji Film Benelux Medical Equipment & Instruments
Fuller Benelux BV; H. B. Glue
Fuller Kovako BV Second Hand Equipment & Machines
Fun net Benelux BV Casino`s & Game automat.
Functional IT Benelux BV Softwarehouses
Funke Antennen B.V. Telecom
Furness Port Logistics International B.V. Port, Marine & Logistics Services
Fusion Kunststoffen BV. Second Hand Equipment & Machines
Future Metals Incorporated Europa Division Airplanes: parts & equipment
Future Pipe Industries B.V. Pipe Laying & Handling
FVC Benelux Telecom
G&G International NV
G- Imex International Tools
G-Nius BV Personnel Recruiting Agency & Services
G-Star International BV Jeans & Free wear
G.E. Consultancies Consultancy & Business Services
G?ntner Benelux Cool & Refrigerators Equipment
Gaastra International Sportswear BV Sportwear
Galaxy Benelux Casino`s & Game automat.
Galileo Benelux BV Travelling & Tourism
Gallois International vof Safe wear
Gaming Support B.V. Entertainment
Gaming Support Belgium N.V. Entertainment
Garant Austria SAO Insurance Services
Garanti Bank International NV Banking
Gardenmasters International BV Garden Equipment & Materials
Gardenvision International BV Flower & Flower-bulbs
Gascoigne Melotte LLC (Russia) Agro Equipment & Machinery
Gascoigne-Melotte B.V. Agro Equipment & Machinery
Gastec Holding NV Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Gasunie (Nederlandse) N.V. Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Gasunie Engineering & Technology B.V. Energy & Bio-energy
Gasunie Moscow office Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Gates Benelux BV Computer Components & Accessories
GAZPROM Finance B.V. (OOO) Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
GaZPROM JSCVIP Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Gazpromenergo Ltd. Energy, Sun-, Wind- & Bio-energy
Gazpromenergoinform OOOVIP Energy & Bio-energy
GB International Marketing Services
GBS International BV Textiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
GCS International Cleaning Services
GE Rus LLC - Oil & Gas Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
GEA Warmtetransport B.V. Trailers, Containers & Transport Equipment
GEA Warmtetransport B.V. Trailers, Containers & Transport Equipment
GEA Wiegand Nederland Pumps & Compressors
Geac Benelux BV Softwarehouses
Geba Benelux Electronics
Gebotex B.V. Wear & Footwear
Geesa B.V. Glass & Ceramics
Geesink Norba Benelux Waste & Water Treatment
Geesink Norba Benelux Waste & Water Treatment
GEFCO Benelux Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Gefco Nederland Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
GEFCO Rusland
GEHA BV Construction
Geipel Benelux BV Ceilings
Geldof Metaalconstruktie N.V.
Gelvinck Hinlopen Huis Stichting Cultural, Art & Painting organisations
GEM. Consultants B.V. Consultancy & Business Services
Gemco International B.V. Engineering & Contracting
Genechten Packaging NV; Van Food processing & Packaging Machinery
General Electric EnergyVIP Energy & Bio-energy
General Logistics Systems International Holding Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Genius Vos B.V. Offshore Engineering
Gens International Uitzendbureau Personnel Recruiting Agency & Services
Geochem Research B.V. Environment
Geotech International BV Colouring components
GEPEA Retailservices B.V. Retail services
GePeS b.v. Machine Tools & Mechanisms
Gereedschapmakerij bv Metal Processing & Distribution
Gericke BV Machine Tools & Mechanisms
Germanetti Benelux BV Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Gespa Benelux BV Beds & Matresses
Geurts International BV Heat Transfer
Geva International Marketing Services
Gevelco Logistic Services Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Gewa Benelux BV Musical Instruments
Geze Benelux BV Doors & Verandas
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Official Partner of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands
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