To rent - Te huur - Сдаётся в аренду - in Bilthoven - De Bilt
Office and warehouse - Kantoor met magazijn - Офис и склад
250 m2 - 5 km. from Center of Utrecht - 40 km. from Amsterdam - € 2.800, per month - near Head office of Rabobank
Tel. +31 30 228 56 56; e-mail:
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  Saturday, 23.06.2018
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S & P HollandFood processing & Packaging Machinery SneltransportTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding SneltransportTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
S.C.S. Projects BVOil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
SAACKE BeneluxPetrochemical Industry
Saba Imbottiti Benelux BVExport & Import
SACO BVAirport Business & Equipment
SadolinOil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Sadolin Nizhny Novgorod ZAOChemical, Coating & Paint products
Sadolin Nobel ZAOChemical, Coating & Paint products
Safe T Sleep BeneluxWear & Footwear
Safe Touch International BVCleaning & Sanitary Products & Equipment
SAFELINE Benelux bvMetal Processing & Distribution
Safi Substrates and Fertilizers InternationalTrade & Export promotion
SAIPEM S.p.A.VIPEnergy, Sun-, Wind- & Bio-energy
SAIPEM S.p.A. - Russian RepresentationVIPEnergy, Sun-, Wind- & Bio-energy
Salki Benelux BVCleaning & Sanitary Products & Equipment
Salmatec International B.V.Trading
Salotech International BVHigh-pressure equipment
Sana InternationalGraphic Production & Equipment
Sanders Logistics Europe BVPort, Marine & Logistics Services
Sanders Trading BVTrading
Sandvik Benelux BVStainless steel & Steel Production
Sanyo BeneluxAudio & Vision Equipment
Sapro HollandPaper & Cardboard
Sara Lee Export B.V. - RussiaCoffee, Tea & Spices
Sara Lee Export B.V. - St.PetersburgCoffee, Tea & Spices
Sara Lee Intimitates Nederland BVCoffee, Tea & Spices
Sari InternationalPersonnel Recruiting Agency & Services
Sarv InternationalMarket Research
SAS GOUDA BVOffshore Engineering
Savona International BVAutoWash & Wash Equpment
SAWAConsultancy & Business Services
Saybolt International BVTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
SBW International BVFlower & Flower-bulbs
SBW International BVPlants & Trees
Scafom International BVLifts
Scala Plastics n.v.Plastics, Synthetics & Related Products
Scala Plastics n.v. - s.aPlastics, Synthetics & Related Products
Scamp International BVShipping Equipment
Scanvaegt Benelux BVRoad-renovation: Equipment & Production
Scarlet Telecom B.V.Telecom
SCD international SneltransportCouriers
Sch?lke en Mayr Benelux BVCoating
Schaap BVDairy Products & Consumption
Schaften Trucks Import & Export; VanAuto, Busses & Automotive products
Scheepvaart en Transport CollegeEducation
Schenker Int. Nederland B.V.Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Schenker International BVExpedition & Logistics
Schenker International BVExpedition & Logistics
Schiesser International Nederland BVSecond Hand Clothing
Schijvens Confectiefabriek Hilvarenbeek BVTextiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
Schils B.V.Animal Feeds
Schilten & Hofman International BVCleaning & Sanitary Products & Equipment
Schindex BVPlastics, Synthetics & Related Products
Schinkel Benelux Stefon BVAluminium Production
SCHIPHOL - LUCHTHAVENAirlines, Airtransport & Cargo Services
Schipper Kaas B.V.Cheese
Schneider Benelux BV; FranzHydraulic & Pneumatic equipment
Scholle Europe B.V.Food processing & Packaging Machinery
Scholz Benelux BVColouring components
Schonhage International Fashion B.V.; A.Textiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
Schoonenwolf BVEngineering Consultancy Services
Schouten Insurance International BVInsurance Services
Schouten International Light & DesignLighting & Signal equipment
SCHREINER AIRWAYS BVAirlines, Airtransport & Cargo Services
Schreuders MeubelenFurniture & Wood Processing & Products
Schreuders Sport International BVSport & Watersport Production
Schroedahl International BVHoses
Scientific Software International BVSoftwarehouses
SCO BeneluxSoftwarehouses
Scotts International BVFertilizers
Scotwork Benelux BVBusiness training & Management education
Screen Europe B.V.Printing & Publishing
Screen Products Benelux BVScreen Products
SCS - Schouten Container Services B.V.Container Services
Se Spezial-Electronic Benelux BVElectronics
SEABREX ROTTERDAM B.V. .Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
SEAFInvestment & Pension Funds
Sealane Coldstorage B.V.Shipping & Expedition
SEALS International BVTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Seco Tools Benelux NVTools
Security International BVSecurity & Protection Systems
SeghersSecond Hand Equipment & Machines
Sei Benelux BVLasers & Laser-graph
Select International BV Reis- en PassagebureauTravelling & Tourism
Select Wood International BVParquet floors
SELKO BVAnimal Feeds
Sells BeneluxSport & Watersport Production
Selo Benelux B.V.Food Processing & Products
Selux Benelux NVLighting & Signal equipment
SEMBODJA GROUPPharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Sen Trading & Investment Nederland B.V.Trading
Sendo International LtdTelecom
Senea InternationalSanitarian equipment
Sense International BVTelecom
Sensortechnics BeneluxMeasuring, Mixing & R&D Equipment
Sentech Benelux BVMeasuring, Mixing & R&D Equipment
Senter Russia (PSO Sverdlovsk Support Unit)Investment Development, Promotion & Support
SenterNovem Den HaagEnergy & Bio-energy
SEO - UvAResearch & Scientific Development
Sequestrol BeneluxWaste & Water Treatment
Serono Benelux BVPharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Service Terminal RotterdamOil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
Servo Delden B.V.Chemicals & Performance Surfactants
Set InternationalPersonnel Recruiting Agency & Services
SEVZAPMORTORGVIPFish, Seafood & Hunting products
SFA Benelux BVSanitarian equipment
Shaant InternationalGlass, Porcelain & Ceramics
Shanghai Orient International BVStainless steel & Steel Production
Sharkrack Benelux BVComputer Components & Accessories
Sharp Electronics Benelux BVElectronics
Sheet Metall IndustriesMetal Processing & Distribution
Shell Business Development Central Asia B.V. (AZ)Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Shell Business Development Central Asia B.V. (KZ)Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Shell Business Development Central Asia B.V. (TU)Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Shell Chemicals in EuropeOil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Shell Europe Oil ProductsOil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Shell Global Solutions Eastern Europe B.V.VIPEnergy & Bio-energy
Shell Global Solutions International B.V.VIPEnergy & Bio-energy
SHELL International Petroleum Company Limited (UZ)Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Shell Research and Technology CentreResearch & Scientific Development
SHERATON "Nevsky Palace Hotel"Hotels, Restaurant & Cafe Appliances
ShewearsLadies' wear
Shimadzu BeneluxLabware & Materials
Shipmate Vlag Productie BVSouvenirs, Ornaments & Reclame items
Shipside Tax Free Cars B.V.Auto, Busses & Automotive products
ShoestringTravelling & Tourism
ShowTex Belgi? nvTextiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
SHV Holdings N.V.Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
Siat Benelux BVMachinery
SICA - Stichting Internationale Culturele Activiteiten (De)Information & Media
SICA StichtingCultural, Art & Painting organisations
Sick Instruments BeneluxMeasuring, Mixing & R&D Equipment
Siemens - RussiaElectronics
Sigma Benelux BVPhoto- & Optics
SIGMA COATINGS BVChemical, Coating & Paint products
Sign Service BeneluxAdvertising Services
Sijthoff International; TenTrading
Silhouette BeneluxPhoto- & Optics
Silt NVMeasuring, Mixing & R&D Equipment
Simed International BVMedical Equipment & Instruments
Simex Nederland B.V.Export & Import
Simko TradingDental Equipment & Services
Sintra International BVTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
SINTREX TRANSPORT SERVICE B.V.Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Sinus Bobe Electric Heating B.V.Boilers & Heating Systems
SIPEF N.V. (S.A.)Agro & Food Products
SIPEF N.V. (S.A.)Agro & Food Products
SIRNED b.v.Consultancy & Business Services
SIRNED b.v.Consultancy & Business Services
SITM & GMT International BVVIPConsultancy & Business Services
SK InternationalContainer Services & Equipment
Skal International BVCertificates & Trademarks
Skechers USA Benelux BVShoes & Footwear
Skidata Benelux BVParkingsystem
Skippy International BVExhibitions & Stands
SKY INTERNATIONALElectrical Motors & Equipment
SKYLARK B.V.B.A.Trailers, Containers & Transport Equipment
Slavenburg's Bouwbedrijven BVConstruction spare parts
Sledge Hammer Engineering International BVOn-offshore
Sligro Beheer N.V.Trading
Slik Food International BVExport & Import
Slipper InternationalShoes & Footwear
SloezjbaVIPTranslation & Interpreters
Sloten B.V. DEVENTERAnimal Feeds
Slothouber Seafood BVFish, Seafood & Hunting products
Sluis B.V.; RoyalFood Processing & Products
Sluistex BVTextiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
SM Cyclo Benelux BVValves
Smarte Partz Benelux BVTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
SMEDING MEDIA BVAdvertising Services
Smilda & Zn. B.V.Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
SMILDA bedrijfwagensAuto, Busses & Automotive products
SMILDA-FRIESLANDAuto, Busses & Automotive products
Smit & Smit InternationalMotors
Smit Internationale NVShipping, Port & Marine Transport
SMIT Terminals RussiaMarine Services & Concultancy
Smith Northon InternationalPersonnel Recruiting Agency & Services
Smithers-Oasis A/SFlowers, Potted (in & outdoor) plants & Flower-bulbs and treenursery
Smithers-Oasis Belgium N.V.Flowers, Potted (in & outdoor) plants & Flower-bulbs and treenursery
Smits Vuren B.V.Food ingredients & concentrates
Smits-Tebodin N.V.Engineering & Contracting
Smitsvonk Holland B.V.Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
SMS Away InternationalTelecom
Smscom International BVAlarm & Alert equipment
SMST International BVConsultancy for Construction & Civil Engineering
Smurfit Solidpack B.V.Paper & Cardboard
Snakenborg International Papiertechnisch BuroMachinery trade
Snep Exclusieve Metalen BVMetal Processing & Distribution
SNS Reaal InvestInvestment & Pension Funds
Soda Club International BVInk
SOEKS - ANO SoyuzexpertizaNon-Governmental Organisations
SOLAROILSYSTEMSBio-fuels production
Solenoid Benelux BVElectronics
Solfruit International BVFruit, Berries, Juice & Vegetable Products
Solid Waste ConsultancyConsultancy & Business Services
SolidWorks BeneluxSoftwarehouses
Solinas Benelux BVOils & fats: industrial lubrication
Solitee B.V.Translation & Interpreters
SOME BVFurniture & Wood Processing & Products
SOMMEREN B.V.Second Hand Equipment & Machines
Sonco B.V.Second Hand Equipment & Machines
Sonja InternationalWedding wear
Sony Ericsson InternationalTelecom
Soporcel International BVPaper & Cardboard
SOS Service Ukraine LtdLogistics & Forwarding
SOURAMOR N.V.Cosmetics & Toiletries
SOVAGInsurance Services
SOVAG RussiaInsurance Services
SOVAG-UKInsurance Services
Sovitro International BVFlower & Flower-bulbs
SoyuzpatentGovernmental organisations
SPA - Spadel Nederland BVBeer & Non-Alcohol Drinks
Spaans Bulk Handling Systems BVBulk Handling Systems
Spar Holding B.V.Supermarkets & Department stores
SPAR InternationalSupermarkets & Department stores
SPAR Russia Moscow (Central office)Supermarkets & Department stores
SPAR Russia Nizhny Novgorod (Central office)Supermarkets & Department stores
SPAR Ukraine ZAO (Central office)Supermarkets & Department stores
SPC International BVTelecom
Special Metals Services BVMetal Processing & Distribution
Speelgoed InternationalToys
Sphinx Sanitair BVGlass & Ceramics
Spiromatic NederlandChemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Paints & Coating Equipment
SPL InternationalAuto-import
Spliethoff GroupContainer Services & Equipment
Spliethoff's Bevrachtingskantoor B.V.Logistics & Forwarding
Spoormaker Consultancy in ReliabilityPlastics, Synthetics & Related Products
Sportimex Benelux BVSport & Watersport Production
Sportservice Benelux BVSportwear
SPRING FROM HOLLAND B.V.Flower & Flower-bulbs
SPSS Benelux BVSoftwarehouses
SPX Air Treatment B.V.Pumps & Compressors
Squall International bvGlass, Porcelain & Ceramics
SSP Lichtenvoorde B.V.Agro Equipment & Machinery
St. Petersburg International Centre for PreservationThe Russian Benelux
St. Petersburg International Centre for PreservationThe Russian Benelux
St. Petersburg International Centre for PreservationCultural, Art & Painting organisations
St. Petersburg International Centre for PreservationCultural, Art & Painting organisations
St.Petersburg Economic ForumThe Russian Benelux
St.Petersburg Economic ForumThe Russian Benelux
St.Rusland CentrumGovernmental organisations
STAALIMEX BVFurniture & Wood Processing & Products
Staalservice Weert bvMetal Processing & Distribution
Stabilo International BVExhibitions & Stands
Staff Planning B.V.Personnel Recruiting Agency
Stainless & Steel BVMetal Processing & Distribution
Stainless Steel Craft S.S.C.Metal Processing & Distribution
Stand by International Logistics BVCouriers
Standox Service Center BeneluxAuto Paints & Lacquers
STAR Fiber Glass Systems B.V.Pipe Laying & Handling
STAR Performing ArtistsFinancial Services
Star-Pack International BVDisposables
Stardust International Oil Services BVPetrochemical Industry
Start Internationaal BVPersonnel Recruiting Agency
Start StPPersonnel Recruiting Agency
StarTrans B.V.Translation & Interpreters
STASTrailers, Containers & Transport Equipment
Stas B.V.Conveyors, Automatics & High-Tech
Steel House Netherlands BVMetal Processing & Distribution
Steel Industry Management ServicesMetal Processing & Distribution
Steel Logistics Europe BVMetal Processing & Distribution
Steelcoat International BVPaints, lacquers & colourful materials
Steelite International Benelux BVHotels
Steelite International Benelux BVHotels
Steelweld bvAutomotive Tools & Equipment
Steelworks BVMetal Processing & Distribution
Steenlaan Beheer B.V.Consultancy & Business Services
SteinwegShipping & Expedition
Stellar International Software Services B.V.IT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
Stelloo-Benelux BVTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Stenis Carrosseriebouw BV; VanAuto, Busses & Automotive products
Stera International BVTrading
Stet Holland B.V.Agribusiness
Stevin NVConstruction
Stichting "Russisch-sprekende Gemeenschap Nederland"The Russian Benelux
Stichting "Russisch-sprekende Gemeenschap Nederland"The Russian Benelux
Stichting "Soldatenmoeders van Sint-Petersburg"Governmental organisations
Stichting ArtiMusicaCultural, Art & Painting organisations
Stichting Cultuur InventarisatieCultural, Art & Painting organisations
Stichting Democratische Media RuslandThe Russian Benelux
Stichting Democratische Media RuslandThe Russian Benelux
Stichting Evert VermeerNon-Governmental Organisations
Stichting FaceNon-Governmental Organisations
Stichting Filosofie Oost-WestEducation
Stichting Internationaal LiefdadigheidsfondsNon-Governmental Organisations
Stichting KitezhThe Russian Benelux
Stichting KitezhThe Russian Benelux
Stichting Losser-WidnojeNon-Governmental Organisations
Stichting Management Media Academie Information NetworkInformation & Media
Stichting Medeburgers TaganrogNon-Governmental Organisations
Stichting OtradnoyeNon-Governmental Organisations
Stichting Platform Samenwerking Nederland - OekraineGovernmental organisations
Stichting Projecten Rusland in OntwikkelingConsultancy & Business Services
Stichting Stedenband Groningen-MoermanskGovernmental organisations
Stichting Stedenband LeeuwardenSport & Dancing
STICHTING VADAIT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
Stichting Vladimir SolovjovCultural, Art & Painting organisations
Stichting VredeseducatieNon-Governmental Organisations
Stiletto InternationalTrilling Equipment
Stirling International BVTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Stoas Holding B.V.Softwarehouses
Stockview EuropeWarehouses & Storage Systems
Stoel Cable B.V.Marine Services & Concultancy
Stoffels International BVAquariums Equipment & Plants
Stork Bronswerk B.V.Mechanical Equipment & Instruments
Stork InternationalIndustrial & Multi industrial Processing
Stork ThermeqBoilers & Heating Systems
Stratagem GroupInformation & Media
Stringway InternationalSport & Watersport Production
Striptease Service NederlandNightclubs
Strohl Systems Benelux BVSoftwarehouses
Struik & Hamerslag BVOffshore Engineering
Studio Financial BeneluxFinancial Services
Stultiens Project & Management BVInterim management
Sturrus Business Management International BVConsultancy & Business Services
StyleVIPWear & Footwear
Stylefair International BVSecond Hand Clothing
Subway International BVHotels
SUCCES B.V. - AutobedrijfAuto, Busses & Automotive products
Sudpack-Benelux BVPackaging Production & Materials
Suiker UnieFood & Non-food Consuming Products
Suites Hotel Fifth AvenueHotels
Sumitomo Benelux NVTrading
Sumitomo CorporationVIPFinancial Services
Sumitomo CorporationVIPIndustrial & Multi industrial Processing
SUN CAPITAL PARTNERS KazakhstanIT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
SUN CAPITAL PARTNERS MoscowIT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
SUN CAPITAL PARTNERS NovosibirskIT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
SUN CAPITAL PARTNERS UkraineIT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
SunRay-Spas EuropeVIPWhirlpool & Jacuzzi Equipment
Sunrent Benelux BVSunbeds & Equipment
Sunrisespa' s BeneluxWhirlpool & Swimmingpool Equipment
Sunshower - Sentech Lichting CentreSunbeds & Equipment
Sunshower InternationalSunbeds & Equipment
Sunway Benelux BVWind- & Sun-protection Equipment & Production
SuperOffice Benelux BVSoftwarehouses
SUPERTAPE BVPackaging Machinery, Equipment & Production
Supertronics InternationalWireless Equipment
Surface Doctor BeneluxSanitarian equipment
Surtec Benelux BVGalvanic
Survey Partners International BVEngineering & Contracting
Suunto Benelux BVUnderwater Equipment, Service & Divers
Suzo International Nederland BVCasino`s & Game automat.
SvedalaPumps & Compressors
Svenska Skum B.V.Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
SVK Gevelelementen Benelux BVPlastic windows & sills
SVS B.V.- Seminis Vegetable SeedsSeeds & Grains
SVS Holland B.V.Seeds & Grains
SVS Holland B.V.Seeds & Grains
SVZ Bedrijfsonroerendgoed BVInvestment & Pension Funds
SVZ International B.V.Fruit, Berries, Juice & Vegetable Products
SVZ INTERNATIONAL BVBranch Organisations
Swartberg Levensmiddelen Fabrieken B.V.Food ingredients & concentrates
Swartberg Levensmiddelfabriek B.V.Food & Non-food Consuming Products
Sweco Europe S.A.Second Hand Equipment & Machines
Swep International BeneluxCool & Refrigerators Equipment
Swep International BeneluxCool & Refrigerators Equipment
SWETS & ZEITLINGER B.V.Personnel Recruiting Agency
Swets Shipping And TradingVIPShipbuilding
Swets Shipping and TradingVIPShipbuilding
Swets ZwijndrechtPersonnel Recruiting Agency
SyltoSecond Hand Equipment & Machines
Syndicated SearchPersonnel Recruiting Agency
SYNTENSInformation & Media
Syntiro Pharma Support International BVConsultancy & Business Services
Syntrex International BVTelecom
Systemate Numafa BVFood & Dairy Equipment & Machinery
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Exclusive Partner of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands
Official Partner of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands
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