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Office and warehouse - Kantoor met magazijn -
250 m2 - 5 km. from Center of Utrecht - 40 km. from Amsterdam - € 2.800, per month - near Head office of Rabobank
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  Saturday, 23.06.2018
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Russian Benelux Benelux in Russia & CIS
Netherlands Benelux International
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C & S InternationalMachinery trade
C.T. International BVMedical Products
Cabooter Internationale Expeditie BV.Transport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Cachet International BVModelagency
Cadcorp InternationalMachinery Business Services
Cadillon International BVDecorations & Design
CAH transferAgribusiness
Cai-Pan Benelux BVNatural & reformed food
Caleffi International N.V.Hydraulic & Pneumatic equipment
Calivita International BVNatural & reformed food
Caljan Rite-Hite Benelux BVLoading & Lifting Equipment
Calla Bulbs International BVFlower & Flower-bulbs
Calling Card InternationalTelecom
Calmat B.V.Graphic & Photo Products & Equipment
Calor InternationalAdvertising Services
Camozzi Benelux BVHydraulic & Pneumatic equipment
Campina - Creamy CreationDairy Production Equipment
Campina International B.V.Dairy Products & Consumption
CAMPINA LLC (Stupino)Dairy Products & Consumption
Campina Melkunie BV - Divisie KaasCheese
CAMPINA MOSCOWDairy Products & Consumption
Campo International BVFlower & Flower-bulbs
Camro International BVMedical Products
Canon Europa NVElectronics
Canvas International ArtArt Rent
Cape Shade BeneluxOverlappings
Capi International BVElectronics
Capricorn B.V.Metal Processing & Distribution
Capturetech Benelux BVComputers
Car Equipment BvbaAutomotive products & parts
Carbon Black Nederland B.V.Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Carcomm International BVTelecom
CARDPro - International Card PrintersDisplays & Showcards
Cardware Europa BVDisplays & Showcards
CareerNetwork BVPersonnel Recruiting Agency
Cargill AT & Enterprise Inc. UkraineFood Processing & Products
Cargill Enterprises Inc. - RussiaOther
CARGILL ENTERPRISES, INCFood processing & Packaging Machinery
Cargo Floor B.V.Trailers, Containers & Transport Equipment
Cargo Floor B.V.Trailers, Containers & Transport Equipment
Cargofoor BVShipping & Expedition
CargoTeam International BVExpedition & Logistics
Carl Stahl Benelux BVStainless steel & Steel Production
Carlisle Friesland BVMachinery
Carlisle Leasing InternationalContainer Services & Equipment
Carmeuse NVChemical, Coating & Paint products
Carrier Sutrak BeneluxAirconditioning
Carros International BVAutomotive products & parts
Carsoft BeneluxDrives & Transmission
Castell Safety InternationalSecurity & Protection Systems
Casting InternationalModelagency
Castolin Benelux NVWelding & Thermal spraying
Caswood InternationalAdvertising Services
Cat InternationalDJ's & Actors
Cate Enbi International BV; TenRubber & Sintetic
CATE NV ;TENTextiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
Catz International B.V.Coffee, Tea & Spices
Catz International BVCoffee, Tea & Spices
Cavalier InternationalExpedition & Logistics
Caversham S.A.Book trade
Cavotec Benelux BVElectronics
CB & I - Chicago Bridge & Iron Company N.V.Engineering & Contracting
CB & I Europe B.V.Metal & Steel Construction
CBS International BV/CBWDental Equipment & Services
CCIC Europe BVQuality Monitoring & Check
CCM-EUROPEIT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
CCP StichtingCultural, Art & Painting organisations
CCS - Combined Computer Services bvSoftwarehouses
CD & E Distribution EuropeMetal Processing & Distribution
CDS electronics bvSoftwarehouses
CDS Engineering B.V.Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
CDS InternationalReal Estate
CDT Business SupportInterim management
CEA B.V.Energy & Bio-energy
CEAG Benelux BVExplosive materials
Cebag B.V.Margarine, Fats & Oils
CEBECO Egg Group B.V.Egg producers & Egg processors
Cebo Holland B.V.Offshore Engineering
Cehave InternationalFood ingredients & concentrates
Ceko Houtimport BVWood-processing & Trade
Cellpack Benelux BVHoses
Celsius Benelux BVMeasuring, Mixing & R&D Equipment
Celtel InternationalTelecom
Centra Software BeneluxSoftwarehouses
Centraal Bureau voor StatistiekGovernmental organisations
Centraal PlanbureauGovernmental organisations
Centrum Culturele Contacten SalveNon-Governmental Organisations
Centrum Culturele Contacten SalveNon-Governmental Organisations
Centrum Transport BVTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Centurion Accumulatoren b.v.Electrical Motors & Equipment
CEOGAS - Cooperation of Energy, Oil & Gas Activities and SuppliersVIPOil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
CEP Benelux BVComputer Components & Accessories
CERAMETAL S.A.R.L.Industrial & Multi industrial Processing
Ceratec Technical Ceramics B.V.Glass & Ceramics
Cerestar Benelux BV; A. Cargill CompanyFlour & flour production
CETTE - ARTEMISTextiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
CETTE RussiaTextiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
Cezet International V.O.F.Auto Paints & Lacquers
CFS A.O.Food processing & Packaging Machinery
CFS UkraineFood processing & Packaging Machinery
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia - Benelux Office; TheVIPTrade promotion
Chamber of Commerce of Belgium and Luxembourg for Russia and BelarusTrade promotion
Chamber of Commerce of Belgium and Luxembourg for Russia and BelarusTrade promotion
Chameleons InternationalModelagency
Chat Head Benelux BVInternet Services & Development
Checkin InternationalTravelling & Tourism
Chefaro International bv PharmaPharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
Chemavox BeneluxCoating
Chemavox Benelux B.V.Second Hand Equipment & Machines
CHEMITEX S.A.Textiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
Chemtrade International BVWaste & Water Treatment
Chenice BeneluxHairdressing equipment & materials
Chernigiv Brewery DesnaBeer & Non-Alcohol Drinks
Cherrytree International LtdAutomation Services
Cherrytree International LtdIT/ICT, Automation, High-Tech, & Software development
Chevron Neftegas Inc.Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry
Chiorino Benelux BVAuto Tyre
Chirobridge Trade InternationalExport & Import
CHL NETHERLANDS B.V.TV, Radio & Electrical equipment
Chordiant Software International LtdSoftwarehouses
Chore-Time Europe B.V.Poultry Products
Christiansen Benelux BV; HolgerAutomotive products & parts
Chronopost International Nederland BVWorldwide Express Post Services
Ciba Speciality Chemicals Services Inc.Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Ciba Specialty Chemicals Inc. TAOOil, Gas & Petrochemical Products
Ciba Specialty Chemicals NVChemical, Coating & Paint products
CIC B.V.Engineering & Contracting
Cicero InternationalAdvertising Services
Cicero InternationalAdvertising Services
CID LINES N.V.Cleaning & Sanitary Products & Equipment
CIDCConsultancy & Business Services
CILCGovernmental organisations
CIMRecycling & Feedmill industry
CIM & T BVFurniture Textile
CIR BVMedical Services
Circ Rusland ReizenTravelling & Tourism
Circuit Research InternationalElectronics
Cisto International HoldingExport & Import
Citibank International LtdBanking
CITIBANK NVFinancial Services
Citibank RussiaBanking
Citibank UkraineBanking
Cito Benelux BVElectronics
Citro?n Centre BeneluxAuto-import
CKT Projects B.V.Coolers, Heaters, Refrigerators & Airconditioners
Claria BeneluxTelecom
Clarke & Spears InternationalFlower & Flower-bulbs
Clarks Llf Benelux BVShoes & Footwear
Clarks Shoes Benelux BVShoes & Footwear
Claymount Assemblies B.V.Electrical Motors & Equipment
Clean World Benelux BVCosmetics & beauty showrooms
Cleaning Partners InternationalCleaning Services
Cleanland International BVCleaning & Sanitary Products & Equipment
Cleton & Meijer International Handelsondderneming BVHoses
Clever Box International BVPackaging Production & Materials
Clindia Benelux BVPharmaceutical & Veterinary Products
ClingendaelInformation & Media
Clingon InternationalInterim management
Clingon Professional Content SolutionsConsultancy & Business Services
Close Protection ServicesVIPSecurity-Safety-Services
Clouds International BVShipping Equipment
CM InternationalFurniture & Wood Processing & Products
CMIE Benelux BVMetal Processing Equipment
CMP/Fibalite InternationalCoating
Co-makers International BVEngineering & Contracting
Coaching Academy InternationalBusiness training & Management education
Coan Europa BVToys
COATING CONSULTANTS N.V.Chemical, Coating & Paint products
COBLO NVFurniture & Wood Processing & Products
Cobroed BVAnimal Feeds
Cockbridge International AgenciesTrading
CODARTCultural, Art & Painting organisations
Codi International B.V.Wipes & Napkins
Coenen International ConsultancyMarketing Services
Coes AgenciesTextiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
Coes ConsultantsTextiles, Leather & Synthetics Products
COETCTrade promotion
Coeurtel International BVTelecom
Coffee Line International BVCoffee Roasters & Machines
Cogen NederlandHeat Transfer
Colep CclCosmetics, Perfumery & Toiletries
Colt International BVAirconditioning
Com-Benelux BVMachinery
Comap BeneluxCentral heating & equipment
Combifit International BVBeer meanses & equipment
CombiStandExhibitions & Stands
COMELECLighting & Signal equipment
Comet International Agencies BVTrading
Coming International BVFurniture & Wood Processing & Products
COMMONWEALTH RESOURCESPersonnel Recruiting Agency
Commvault Systems International BVSoftwarehouses
Compliance International BVMedical Equipment & Instruments
Composite Partners International BVPlastics, Synthetics & Related Products
COMPTOIR COMMERCIAL DU BOIS - RussiaPublic transport & Rail infrastructure Services
COMPTOIR COMMERCIAL DU BOIS S.A.Public transport & Rail infrastructure Services
Computer Solutions B.V.Computer Components & Accessories
ConBec Paper B.V.Paper & Cardboard
Concept 2 BeneluxFitness & Sport Equipment
Concordia International Forwarding CorpExpedition & Logistics
Condor Property Benelux BVInvestment & Pension Funds
Confi International BVConsultancy & Business Services
Congress Center of RF CCIGovernmental organisations
Conmarine International B.V.Port, Marine & Logistics Services
Connor Benelux BVSoftwarehouses
Conoship International B.V.Personnel Recruiting Agency
Conoship International BVShipbuilding
Constar International IncMachinery
Consulaat van Belgie te Minsk (Belarus)Governmental organisations
Consulaat van de Republiek Belarus te AmsterdamThe Russian Benelux
Consulaat van de Republiek Belarus te AmsterdamThe Russian Benelux
Consulaat van de Republiek Belarus te HollandscheveldThe Russian Benelux
Consulaat van de Republiek Belarus te HollandscheveldThe Russian Benelux
Consulaat van Georgie (Honorair) in NederlandThe Russian Benelux
Consulaat van Georgie (Honorair) in NederlandThe Russian Benelux
Consulaat van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden te Ashgabat (Republic of Turkmenistan)Semi-Governmental, Regional & Municipal Organisations
Consulaat van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden te Tashkent (Republic of Uzbekistan)Semi-Governmental, Regional & Municipal Organisations
Consulaat van Nederland in Moldova (Honorary)Semi-Governmental, Regional & Municipal Organisations
Consulaat van Rusland in NederlandThe Russian Benelux
Consulaat van Rusland in NederlandThe Russian Benelux
Consulaat-Generaal van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden te St. PetersburgGovernmental organisations
Consulaat-Generaal van Rusland in BelgieThe Russian Benelux
Consulaat-Generaal van Rusland in BelgieThe Russian Benelux
Container Clearing International BVContainer Services & Equipment
Container Trading InternationalContainer Services & Equipment
ContentRecruitment agency
Contiki Holland/Europa ExpressTouringcars
Continental Banden Groep BVAuto, Busses & Automotive products
Continental Engineers BVEngineering & Contracting
Control Break International BVSoftwarehouses
Control Break International BVSoftwarehouses
Control Risks Benelux BVSecurity-Safety-Services
Control Risks GroupSecurity-Safety-Services
Control Risks Group RussiaSecurity-Safety-Services
Control Solutions InternationalAutomation Services
Control UnionLogistics & Forwarding
Convenience Food SystemsMachinery
Converpack Benelux BVGraphic Production & Equipment
Conveyor Components BVConveyors, Automatics & High-Tech
Conveyor Service EuropeConveyors, Automatics & High-Tech
Cool Trade International BVAir cleaning equipment B.V.Recruitment agency
Coopei B.V.Egg producers & Egg processors
Copex Road CargoTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
Copex Road CargoTransport, Logistics, Expedition & Forwarding
CopyMaster InternationalElectronic Payments & Informationsystems
Copyright Power InternationalPrinting & Publishing
Copyright Power InternationalCopyright
Corderoy International Netherlands BVConsultancy for Construction & Civil Engineering
Corning International - Samara Optical Cable Co.Electronics
Corning Life Sciences B.V.Electronics
Corning SNG OOO - Corning InternationalElectronics
Corpeq BVSecond Hand Equipment & Machines
Correlje International B.V.Legal Services & Advice
Corrocoat Benelux BVCoating
Corstjens International BVRelocation, Moving & Storage Services
Corstjens Worldwide Movers GroupVIPRelocation, Moving & Storage Services
Corus Aluminium NVAluminium, Precious, Ferro- & On-Ferro Metal constructions
Corus InternationalAluminium, Precious, Ferro- & On-Ferro Metal constructions
Cosmetic InternationalCosmetics & beauty showrooms
Cosmic InternationalInternet Services & Development
Cosun; RoyalFood ingredients & concentrates
Cosun; RoyalFood ingredients & concentrates
Cotecna Benelux BVQuality Monitoring & Check
Cotron B.V.Trailers, Containers & Transport Equipment
Coty Benelux BVCosmetics, Perfumery & Toiletries
Country Steel BVMetal Processing & Distribution
Courage International BVExport & Import
Courtesy Masters InternationalPersonnel Recruiting Agency & Services
COUSEART S.P.R.L.Furniture & Wood Processing & Products
Coutts Nijhoff InternationalBook trade
Cox Consulting Group B.V.Consultancy & Business Services
Coy International BVSanitarian equipment
CPH - Chemie Pharmacie HollandChemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Paints & Coating Equipment
CPI Benelux NVContainer Services & Equipment
CPM InternationalAgribusiness
CPM Nederland B.V.Agribusiness
CPM Nederland BVAgribusiness
CPM-Europe B.V.Agribusiness
CPM-Europe B.V.Agribusiness
Cradock Financiele Specialisten (John)Financial Services
Cramm Ingenieurs- en Handelsburo BVSecond Hand Equipment & Machines
Cranberry (van de G.)Fruit, Berries, Juice & Vegetable Products
Crawford Normstahl BeneluxDoors & Verandas
Crazy BertChemical, Coating & Paint products
Cre-Doors Benelux BVPlastic windows & sills
Creamy CreationAlcohol, Wine & Tobacco
Creemers Compressors BVPumps & Compressors
Crest Benelux BVLeather production & items
CRH - KLEIWAREN BEHEER BVConstruction spare parts
CRM Nederland B.V.Trucks, Heftrucks & Busses
CRM Nederland B.V.Trucks, Heftrucks & Busses
CRM Nederland B.V.Trucks, Heftrucks & Busses
Crompton - Uniroyal Chemical CompanyRefined Products & Petroleum Additives
Crompton - Uniroyal Chemical CompanyRefined Products & Petroleum Additives
Crompton BelarusRefined Products & Petroleum Additives
Crompton N.V.Refined Products & Petroleum Additives
Crompton RussiaRefined Products & Petroleum Additives
CROSS AgencyGovernmental organisations
Cross Benelux; A TWrites materials
Crown Woridwide Movers InternationalOther
CRUY N.V. (De .)Furniture & Wood Processing & Products
CRUY N.V. (De .)Furniture & Wood Processing & Products
CSMG International BVInterim management
Ct InternationalMachinery
Cues Europa BVWaste & Water Treatment
Culinair RomanovVIPCatering & Retail Services & Equipment
Culinary Gifts International BVAdvertising Services
Cuna International BVTelecom
Cushion Pack BeneluxMachinery
Custom Powders BVGranules, Powders & Particle Processing
Customer Care ConsultancyVIPConsultancy & Business Services
CVB BankBanking
CVT NederlandRubber & Sintetic
CW Metalpark BVMetal Processing & Distribution
Cyclades BeneluxComputer Components & Accessories
Cyclo Drive GmbH - Russia & CISValves
Cyclomedia International NVArchival systems
Cyco SoftwareSoftwarehouses
Cyco Software Russia & CIS countriesSoftwarehouses
Czarina Reis- en OrganisatiebureauTravelling & Tourism
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Exclusive Partner of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands
Official Partner of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands
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