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  Sunday, 23.01.2022
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  East-European Services B.V.

The consulting firm for Russia and other CIS-countries, East-European Services B.V., is a private limited liability company incorporated in the Netherlands. The company was created by dr J.A.W. Buisman, who has been active in Russia and the (former) Soviet Union since 1990. His experience includes the creation of Russian - Dutch joint-ventures, foreign direct investment and other project development by Ten Doesschate Buisman Group, a family venture capital and holding concern. Today, East - European Services is part of Ten Doesschate Buisman Group.

Essential data of East-European Services B.V. (EES)

Statutory aims: to promote foreign investments in the Russian Federation and the CIS; and to promote co-operation in cultural and scientifically areas; all in the widest sense.


Herengracht 518
NL-1017 CC Amsterdam, Netherlands
Telephone: +31.20.421.86.10
Facisimile: +31.20.624.25.41

Contact persons:

dr J.A.W. Buisman, director
direct phone: +31.578.695670

A.O. Zjyrov, manager (Rusnet)
direct phone: +

Representations in the Benelux area by EES

  • Russian Foreign Investment Promotion Centre (Russia FIPC)
  • Russian Federal Property Fund (Netherlands and Luxemburg only)
  • Russian Financial Corporation (RFC)
  • Belarus Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (BFIPA)
  • St. Petersburg (for promoting and facilitating both FDI and cultural/educational endevours)
  • Novgorod Region
  • Saratov Region
  • other regions
  • other institutions, e.g. the Foundation for the Development of Parliamentarism in Russia

EES executes entrepreneurial activities for Russia FIPC International Foundation in the Benelux area under the tradename FIPC. EES is a member of East - West Development Group (EWD).

EES has its own representative agents in Moscow (Noviy Arbat) and in St. Petersburg, as well as for Geneva and for New York.

EES provides services to both Russian/CIS and Western customers. Formost, EES endeavours to bridge the cultural differences between the Russian-speaking and the Dutch- or English-speaking business counterparts and their social and state environments. EES primary activity concerns facilitating Western companies in their relations with the top-level decision-makers of the Russian and CISs federal and regional authorities and institutes, because the positive attitude and support of the high-level authorities is a necessary ingredient for succesful investment in the promising future of Russia and the CIS-countries. Its client-base mainly excists of large and middle large companies, particulary from the Netherlands and Belgium.

The added value for Western companies to engage EES -or other members of EWD- lies in:

  • developing a positive attitude with the relevant Russian or other CIS-countrys authorities
  • developing support from the regional and local autorities
  • advising on evading or solving problems with the authorities and local partners
  • advising on cross-border financial structuring and on engaging Western finance institutions
  • developing support from the Russian or other CISs representation at EBRD a.o.
  • advising on acting in a Russian environment and on bridging cultural differences

Also for its FDI-customers EES can provide -under certain conditions- a service for obtaining business visa for Russia within one day (during normal weekdays only).

In addition through EES the following services can be arranged:

  • information on legal and fiscal issues (including new developments, e.g. under parliament)
  • negotiation and arranging matters with fiscal and custom authorities
  • arranging cross-border leasing structures
  • match-making with partners/customers and search for local agents and ancillary industries
  • visa and traveling arrangements (including introduction to high officials)
  • creation of a local entity (registration, search for office space, staff acquirement etc.)
  • search for reliable local support partners, e.g. administrator, lawyer, security firm etc.
  • translation services (incl. legalised translation, simultaneous interpretation, etc.)
  • scanning potential partners (e.g. for criminality and relation with local authorities)
  • acquiring necessary licences, approvals by authorities and institutions etc.
  • arranging relations with the local media
  • arranging relations with the local environment (social institutes, significant local players etc.)
  • development of Russian-language brochures, websites, advertisement and public relations
  • other services on request

EES subcontracts reliable local partner organisations which are well positioned inside the local social structure. Therefor, involving EES is both effective and efficient:

Western-style quality at an East-European price level.

EES provides a profound understanding of the local social-cultural environment:

understanding your partner and his environment is the key for success.

EES works complementary to the Western Embassies and other Western representations in Russia and the other CIS-countries, because EES (FIPC) is Russian-driven and represents the local interests in attracting East - West development. Russia and the CIS-countries welcome foreign direct investments and therefor their authorities support and facilitate Western initiatives through the EWD-member network.

Next to FDI-projects, EES is active in promoting and facilitating projects of a more cultural nature (in the widest sense, including educational and scientific endeavours). EES has strong relations with the main Russian museums and is active in the field of developing international fund-raising programs for the preservation of our worlds heritage. In the past five years, EES initiated successfully several cross-border exhibitions (e.g. for the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum in Moscow). It represents in the Benelux area the Government of St. Petersburg for cultural and educational development. In 1999, the University of Novgorod honoured dr J.A.W. Buisman for his achievements to bridge the cultural differences between Russia and the Netherlands.

Therefor, engaging EES provides also a significant added value for the following services:

  • advising on how to bridge cross-cultural differences in management and customer relations
  • providing educational programs for new experts (how to behave in the Russian environment)
  • brainstorming on how to make things really work in a Russian environment
  • creating successful cross-cultural exhibitions in Russian museums and vice versa
  • advising on relations with museums and other cultural institutions in Russia and CIS
  • advising on effective sponsoring of cultural heritage projects (museums, ballet, music, etc.)
  • advising on customer relations and pr/pa through sponsoring of cultural heritage projects
  • other services related to the preservation of cultural heritage

It should be noted that EES also represents institutions such as Maecenas Society (fund-raising) and the Foundation for the Development of Parliamentarism in Russia. Dr Buisman has an extensive network of influencial personalities in the areas of the media and culture.

EES is co-initiator of the Rusnet Project.

For more information on EES, please contact us at:

Exclusive Partner of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands
Official Partner of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Netherlands
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