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Print version. Published on site Rusnet.NL 8 December 2003

Encyclopedia :: U :: Usmanov, Alisher

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Alisher Usmanov, Russian financier, one of the top-10 steelmakers in Russia.

Alisher Usmanov, the Moscow-based entrepreneur, Gazprominvestholding CEO and the owner of Gallagher Holdings. He is known for making a takeover bid for De Beers' Verkhotina diamond property in the northern Russian region of Arkhangelsk and buying up shares of the Anglo-Dutch steelmaker Corus.

In addition, Usmanov has control through Gazprom of the Lebedinsky iron-ore mine and the Oskol steel plant. He also has smaller stakes in the Nosta steel company and Olenegorsk iron-ore combine.

Together, these make him one of the top-10 steelmakers in Russia.