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Updated: 21.11.2003

Russian political party

The Union of Rightist Forces (SPS) was registered as a political party by the Justice Ministry on 12 March 2002. Duma Deputy Boris Nemtsov is chairman of the party's federal Political Council. Duma Deputy Speaker Irina Khakamada and Unified Energy Systems head Anatoly Chubais are party co-chairpeople. Presidential envoy to the Volga Federal District Sergey Kirienko played a leading role in the formation of the party and headed the SPS Duma faction prior to his appointment as envoy.

The party describes itself as "liberal democratic," saying that its basic principles are individual freedom and individual responsibility. It's platform advocates "the democratic control of society over the government, private property, economic freedom, equal rights and opportunities for all citizens, and tolerance." It advocates free-market principles and the development of a thriving civil society. Former acting Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar drafted the party's economic platform.

In the December 1999 Duma elections, the SPS electoral bloc - headed by Kirienko - polled 8.52 percent of the vote. Recent polls give it about 4 percent support, meaning that SPS could have difficulty surmounting the 5 percent hurdle for party-list seats in the next Duma.

Its strategy for the 7 December 2003 elections emphasises the struggle against corruption and, in order to appeal to young voters, the professionalisation of the military. SPS has also expressed concern about the country's demographic crisis.

Federal Party List: Boris Nemtsov, Irina Khakamada, Anatolii Chubais, Eduard Vorobev, Viktor Nekurtenko, Aleksandr Shubin, Pavel Krasheninnikov, Yelena Mizulina, Aleksandr Barannikov, Aleksandr Kotyusov

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