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Print version. Published on site Rusnet.NL 6 June 2006

Rusnet Partners :: History

Rusnet was established as a result of privatisation of a part of the Russia & CIS Foreign Investment Promotions Centre "FIPC"'s activities.

Rusnet (formerly FIPC-Rusnet) proved its competence by consulting Dutch and Belgian companies and firms in industrial, agro-industrial, food-processing, transport and other sectors. Besides, it has experience in such sectors as luxury goods, shipbuilding, port development, real estate development, consumer market development, and infrastructure, telecom, environmental and social projects.

Thanks to its historic relations with the official FIPC-network and the fact that its employees derived from high level official circles of the former Soviet Union, Rusnet has a wide informal network in Russia and the CIS at its disposal. The experience proves that this is a successful starting point for effective and purposeful consulting of Western companies.

As far as internet information about Russia is concerned, Rusnet is undoubtedly the largest information source in the Dutch language area of the Benelux. More than 6,000 recipients (in particular, more than 3,000 companies in the Netherlands and Belgium) make use of the daily or weekly information e-mailed by Rusnet free of charge. The Rusnet website is leading in its branch.

In 2003 Rusnet has published 'Rusnet Almanak'. Rusnet Almanak is a business-to-business yellow pages guide for companies and organisations in the Benelux doing business in Russia and C.I.S.

In December 2004 became the representative of the Russian Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands after it separated from Buisman Partners - East West Development Group.

The VIP Project of Rusnet is supported by the Russian Chamber of Commerce & Industry.Many companies from Russia and other CIS countries make use of the VIP database of Dutch and Belgian companies and other organisations.

In cooperation with Russian or other C.I.S. official organisations and companies, Rusnet organises trade and investment missions customised for Western companies interested in development of business relation in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova.

In 2005-2006 Rusnet was co - organizer of the International Conference of Gazprom & Gazpromenergo in Amsterdam and Moscow.

Since 2005 Rusnet represents CEOGAS in the field of organization of the international cooperation of the energy - saving companies.